Ease The Pressure


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Dane had a very important job interview that he screwed up because he was so stressed. He had a second interview lined up and decided to get a massage before going to it so he would be more relaxed. At the massage parlor he met the sexy Kayla who let him to the room and stripped off her clothes. Just seeing her amazing naked body helped some of the stress fade. She took him into the shower and stroked his cock while she soaped him up. She then took him into the Jacuzzi where she washed his body and continued paying close attention to his cock. He said he was still stressed out so she laid him down on the mattress, coated them both in the Nuru gel and started sliding her body on his. Her tits pressed against him fully relaxed him then as she flipped him over and started grinding her pussy against his cock he slid his dick inside her, grabbed her by the hips and fucked her hard. She let him pound her until he was ready to cum then she pulled his dick out and drained his load all over her flat belly. Now he was ready to for the interview!